Simon is pleased to offer an alternative use for your tree. Whether they have been felled by Simon`s team or by another contractor, why not make use of the timber by making a garden bench or even a country style kitchen table!

We have the ability to mill timber in the tightest of locations using our dedicated chainsaw mills often in places larger mobile mills simply cannot get to.

With a current ability to mill trees with a diameter of up to 29”, and with a new saw currently in the workshop undergoing a rebuild it will allow us to mill up to a massive 6ft in diameter should you have a tree that size!!


A "Burr Oak" being prepared for milling in situ in the middle of a wood.
The resulting boards from the "Burr Oak". Notice the beautiful markings visible. These are Burrs and discolouration caused by fungal attack.

From woodland log to 5 x 2”x 72” boards

A large 14" diameter "Bird Cherry" awaiting to be milled.
By using a ladder at the start, we are able to ensure a level and precise first cut. This allows subsequent boards to be parallel with each other.
Two of the final boards and showing the 36" bar used on this particular setup.

A 7ft 14” trunk awaiting planking

During the process

Two resulting boards

Being able to mill timber from around 1/4” up to around 10” thick and up to 29” wide we can cover most requests. This is called a through and through cut, meaning a wide natural edge plank is produced. These boards then need to be stacked in order to allow them to season correctly and with minimal movement.

A more sophisticated way of milling is called “quarter sawn” and produces a more stable end product. Whilst not as easy with this style of mill its is possible with our other “mini mill” but takes longer to setup and is only suitable for logs of the widest of dimensions. We can also produce squared beams suitable for a variety of uses and sometimes have access to unusual shapes of timber for fire place mantles etc.

Simon is also a dab hand with his carpentry skills, so why not commission a bespoke item from your very own tree!


For further information on this service and suitability of your tree, please contact Simon to discuss your options further.

A close up of the beautiful "Burr" on the table as seen on the left.
A table made from the "Burr Oak" currently for sale. £290

Oak Burr pattern